Force International is a young startup,
taking its first big steps in the technology sector.

Force consists of different business units, embracing all kinds of industries. Both internal and external projects are being worked out to the letter until they're ready to conquer the market.
All needed software is developed by our close partner ABP Technologies. Visit their website here

The telecom future is cloud.

Cloud conquers our work space and has become the new telephony standard. Working in the cloud means working at your own pace, in places and at times of your own choice. Integrating your business activities in the cloud is effective, simple and low-cost.

Force provides a complete and customized business telephony offer, ready for the future. A fully-developed back office and all necessary devices are also provided. We guarantee the best quality, in cooperation with external partners.

Communication is the motor of collaboration.

Good cooperation begins with good communication. But it is very difficult to choose from the abundance of available communication applications.

We offer multiple solutions for this difficult way of working, in terms of centralised tools. Those tools exist of own developments and connections with external applications. Keeping the needs of the market in mind, we can approach a very diverse target group with our communication solutions.

There's a custom-made solution for every business.

Does your business evolve around customers? Are your core tasks focused on support, HR or accounting? All those applications can be custom-made by Force.

Next to that, we have our own, modular platform with an enormous and constantly updated offer of business tools. These tools are easy to use and manage and are indispensable for your daily tasks.

A wide range of finance tools.

This business unit offers all kinds of finance and trading tools. We can develop back offices for brokers and analysis systems.

We can also create complete marketing campaigns for trading systems. All projects are custom-made and are handled with full transparency between the customer and the development team.

Great marketing tools boost your business.

Marketing is a vivid industry, with lots of new and interesting possibilities. We can develop all necessary tools to put your products or services in the market.

Some of many examples are: a html-builder to build your own website, fully automatized marketing campaigns, a social media aggregator... Depending on the market demands and needs, new projects can be added to our offer.

The importance of secure data.

More than ever, data security and privacy are essential to run your business. More and more cloud and IoT-applications are produced, and the way data are managed, is vital.

Next to data storage and management tools, Force develops data analysis applications for telecom, sales and all kinds of industries. We also offer several hosting solutions. We keep the latest technologies in mind for all developments and we offer a custom-made solution for every customer.

Protecting your online identity.

Next to data storage, a secure identification system is essential for companies that use cloud applications. Multiple SSO (Single Sign On) and role management applications can be custom-made by Force.

We're also developing our own SSO-tool, that can be offered as a download or in the SaaS-model.



Force International CVBA
Kleinhoefstraat 5/19 - 2440 Geel
+32 14 24 85 11

Force International is located in business center Officenter Geel.



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